what is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is the most common and affordable form of temporary life insurance bought and owned in Canada.

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Under this plan, you are protected for a set period of time. This set period is called a “Term”. If you pass away during the specified term, your beneficiaries receive a tax-free benefit.

While plans and prices differ between term plans and providers, nearly all term plans share the same features:

  • Term life is the lowest cost life insurance plan relative to coverage;
  • Cost of insurance is fixed through the term's length, and is renewable without a medical exam;
  • Benefits are paid, tax-free, to the beneficiaries you've chosen.

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Why do you need Term Life Insurance?

Term Life is the perfect life insurance plan for Canadians who want reliable coverage that won't break their budget or become an additional burden.

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The low cost of term life insurance makes it an excellent fit for families who see the value of financial security, but want something they can easily work into their living costs.

While term life can fit a variety of needs, the most common reasons to buy term life are:

  • To provide a replacement income for spouse and children.
  • To cover a large debt, such as a mortgage.
  • To ensure large future costs like university or college tuition are covered.
  • To provide overhead coverage for a business or key employee, ensuring an unforeseen death doesn't leave the business in jeopardy;

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is on making Term Life Insurance even more accessible for every Canadian.

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We believe life insurance should be simple. For us, this means as little friction as possible when applying for coverage. Our plans require no medical exams, no appointments, and no paperwork. You can complete the entire application right over the phone with our helpful and friendly advisors.

The approval process is fast and easy, so there are no long waiting periods to get coverage. You also have complete choice over how you receive your policy – either by email or standard mail. By combining all of these features into our term life product, we’ve created a plan that does away with the frustrations of traditional term life insurance plans.

Our focus is on offering a flexible and straightforward term life alternative that can work for any Canadian.


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