Insurance for Parents: Why Your Kids Need You Protected

Insurance for Parents: Why Your Kids Need You Protected
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Insurance for parents is one of the best ways to protect children. With proper coverage should the worst happen to you or your spouse, you secure your kid’s future.

In this article, we explore the many ways life insurance keeps your children safe, as well as which option is the best choice for parents of growing kids.

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The Best Thing Parents Can Do for Their Kids? Buying Life Insurance for Themselves.

Here’s Why:

When parents take out a life insurance policy, they are protecting the people they love most. But did you know 23% of parents in Canada still don’t have any form of life insurance protection?

As a parent, you would do anything to keep your children safe. But what if you couldn’t be there for them? What if you or your spouse passed away?

Without getting yourself the right life insurance, your children could face extreme hardships down the road. But rather than just telling you that, let’s explore some more tangible reasons why getting life insurance coverage is one of the best things you can do for your kids.

Insurance for parents from the right insurance company is the best way to protect your kids when you can't be there.

How Parents with a Life Insurance Policy Are Protecting Their Children


You Stabilize Your Family’s Financial Situation

No one knows what the future holds, but if something happens to you, wouldn’t you want to know that your family’s money is taken care of?

Here are some things to consider:

Your Children’s Financial Situation Depends on You

If you’re the breadwinner of your family, then your death could have a serious impact on your dependants beyond the emotional impact of losing a parent. What happens if your children were left without a parent? Would they struggle to get the financial support needed to succeed in life?

Term life coverage provides for your children in the event of your death. That means your family won’t have to worry about money problems should they lose their main income provider.

Your Children’s Future Education Could be at Risk

It’s possible that your children’s future education could suffer due to the financial burden of you or your partner’s death.

But if you have life insurance coverage, your loved ones would have money available to pay for post-secondary education or other educational expenses. This gives your children a better chance at success in life despite any setbacks.

mother with a baby that as a parent, has life insurance coverage

Your Family May Have to Make Significant Lifestyle Changes

If you die, your family will need to adjust their budget to account for your lost income. This will be very difficult to overcome and may cause major long-term money problems.

Your family may be forced to:

  • Downsize the home
  • Sell meaningful possessions
  • Cut out any unneccessary expenses, including kids’ extracurriculars 
  • Move to a cheaper cost-of-living area
  • Or, move in with in-laws

Term life insurance eases the financial burden on your family. That means they can maintain their current way of life.

Your Loved Ones May Need To Pay Medical Expenses

As difficult as it is to imagine, consider the possibility of passing away in a car accident. If your kids or spouse were in the car with you, it’s likely they would need serious medical treatment.

In order to fully heal, they may need treatment outside of the hospital system. That means they may owe more than the hospitalization expenses covered by the government.

When your loved ones receive your death benefits, you ensure they can pay for all the medical expenses incurred, as well as any hospital bills not otherwise covered.

single parents who've lost their spouse will be able to protect their children if their spouse had life insurance

Insurance Eases the Burden for Newly Single Parents

No one wants to think about their own death, let alone the death of a partner. However, it’s important to consider what would happen if you were no longer around.

Would your partner be able to continue working and providing for your family while filling the gap that you leave? Moreover, would they have to cut back their hours or even stop working altogether in order to care for the children?

Consider this:

Your Family May Need to Hire Someone to Help with the Children

Many folks think that insurance is only for breadwinners. But if you are the primary caretaker of your children, your death could mean your family needs to hire an extra hand to help with their care. Yes, this could be expensive, but it’s important to ensure that your children are taken care of. 

Term life insurance can help cover the cost of hiring a nanny or other caregiver.

Your Partner May Need to Take a Lower Paying Job

If your family can’t afford a nanny, then your partner may need to take a lower paying job in order to have the flexibility to care for the children. On top of the long-term impact on your family’s financial stability, this would also be devastating to your partner’s professional goals.

When you buy life insurance, you provide your partner with money that can be used to cover the difference in income. That means, they’ll be able to stay in their current profession.

Your Partner May Not be Able to Return to Work After Taking a Leave to Care for the Children

If your partner takes time off from work, they may not be able to return to their previous job or earn the same salary. Once again, this could put a heavy financial strain on your whole family.

Buying life insurance eases this burden by ensuring that there is money available to cover childcare costs and other expenses.

a parent is able to laugh and play with their child thanks to them having a great term life insurance plan

You Aide Your Family’s Mental Health Amidst Changing Dynamics

If you or your spouse pass away, it is likely that your family dynamics will significantly change. A death in the family is difficult for everyone. That means, conflict could arise.

When parents get insurance, they ensure their loved ones have the finances needed to recover emotionally.

Here’s what to consider:

Your Children Could Suffer from Emotional Trauma

Your children could suffer from emotional trauma as a result of losing a parent at a young age. This could have a negative impact on their development and future relationships.

Your insurance provider can leave them with money for counseling or therapy expenses. In addition, the money provided by a life insurance payout can ensure that your family retains their financial stability, preventing their lives from being uprooted more than they have to be.

Your Partner May Need Therapy After Your Death

Of course, your partner may also need counselling or therapy after suffering through your loss.

When your partner receives your death benefit, they can use it to cover the cost of therapy. That means you can get them the help they need, even when you can’t be there yourself.

Your Partner May Need Time Away From Work to Grieve

Earlier we mentioned that your partner would likely need to take time off work to take care of your kids, but they may also need some time away in order to grieve.

This loss of income can be replaced by your insurance company. That means, you ensure your family is taken care of both financially and emotionally during this difficult time.

A mom and her son hug on the beach. She has term coverage.

You Keep Your Debt From Becoming Your Family’s Responsibility

If you have any outstanding debt, such as a mortgage, credit card debt, or student loans, it will become your family’s responsibility to repay them if you die.

For example:

Your Family May Not be Able to Stay in Their Current Home

If you die, your family may not be able to pay the mortgage or rent on their current home. This could mean that they have to move to a cheaper home to avoid becoming homeless.

Term coverage provides money that can be used to pay for housing expenses. Depending on the sum insured, you may even leave your family members with enough to pay off the mortgage outright.

mother holds her baby's tiny feet.

Without Insurance, Your Elderly Parents Could be Forced to Pay Your Student Loans

If you have student loans, chances are you’re not the only one responsible for them. In other words, without insurance, if something happens to you, your co-signer (most often your parents), will be responsible for repaying your loans.

It’s important to keep in mind that as your parents age, their income may be much less. Plus, they may have their own medical bills to pay for. You don’t have to saddle them with extra expenses. Instead, simply consider a good life insurance product.

Your Family Will Need to Pay Your Final Expenses

A premature death means your loved ones have to cover unplanned final expenses. Today, funerals cost far more than most people realize. That means it’s likely your family won’t have the money saved to afford one.

If you have term life coverage however, your loved one receive the cash they need to pay for your funeral and any other related expenses. This lifts a financial burden off of your loved ones during an already difficult time.

mom and her child laugh and play outside.

Here’s Why Term Life Insurance is the Best Life Insurance Option for Parents:

1. Because It’s an Affordable Life Insurance Option

Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Term life is the best way to get coverage without breaking the bank.

In fact, term life insurance is among the most affordable life insurance options offered by any insurance company!

2. Because It’s Flexible

You can customize your term policy to fit your specific needs and budget. That means you can choose how much coverage best suits your life and goals.

Plus, you can choose the actual length of time covered. You can make sure you get an adequate sum insured for a set period of time.

That means you can limit your coverage to:

  • Your children’s education
  • The time left before you retire
  • The terms remaining on your mortgage

Plus, when the term is up, it’s easy to renew!

3. Because It’s Easy to Qualify For — Even with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Qualifying for term life insurance is much easier and quicker than qualifying for other types of life insurance. You can get the perfect amount of coverage without jumping through hoops like a medical exam or a minimum waiting period.

Better yet, you won’t be rejected for a pre-existing medical condition. In just a few clicks, you will qualify despite having a pre-existing disease, with no additional costs!

4. Because It Gives You Complete Peace of Mind

One of the simplest (yet often overlooked) benefits of getting insurance as a parent is the peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones have financial protection. Term life insurance provides you and your family — the people you love most — with complete peace of mind.

Even if you can’t be there for your family directly, you can still support them through one of the most difficult periods in their life.

Mother and father hold their infant. They both have term coverage should the worst happen to them.

Key Takeaways

  • A life insurance policy will help your family to stay financially stable
  • Your spouse and children will be able to pay for mental health treatment or medical recovery
  • The cash value of your death benefit can cover unplanned final expenses
  • Term coverage is the most flexible and affordable life insurance for parents
  • With Term Life, you don’t need to take a medical exam to buy life insurance

In short…

Children Are Protected When Their Parents Get Insurance

Get in touch with our expert team today and find out how much you could be saving when you go with to Term Life Insurance.

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