Life insurance should be part of your financial security strategy. Would you have enough savings to ensure the expenses you leave behind were covered if anything happened to you? Keep your loved ones safe with our term life insurance plan.

If you have a family or are planning to have a family, a term life insurance plan is the easiest way to ensure that the people who matter most will be financially safeguarded if something happens to you. Term life insurance also makes a great coverage option for temporary needs like mortgages or protecting children until they reach adulthood. Canadians living in British Columbia looking for quick and straightforward coverage will appreciate our reliable term life insurance options.

The Benefits of Our Term Life Insurance

It is one of the most affordable forms of life insurance on the market today.

Your premiums are fixed for your entire selected term length.

The plan’s death benefit is tax-free and goes directly to your beneficiaries.

If you want to renew your coverage, you can do so without a medical exam.

10, 20, or 100-years term lengths available.

Your beneficiaries are free to use your plan’s benefit in any way they choose.


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Our team of licensed and local agents work across British Columbia and provide tailored term life insurance solutions to Canadians looking for simple coverage.

We operate with the goal of making an already simple product even more easy to obtain with our straightforward and fast applications and hassle-free process: no medical exams, no lengthy health questionnaires, and no face-to-face meetings with agents. We’re here to make term life insurance as easy as possible for Canadians in British Columbia.

To receive more information about our term life insurance plan, please fill out our short free quote form, and our dedicated advisor will help you get the coverage your family deserves.

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