Canadians living in Manitoba have different reasons for needing life insurance coverage. Some are about to get married or are about to start a family, and others may have just purchased their first or next home or may have children who are about to enter post-secondary education. There are many moments in life when the proper term life insurance plan can make a difference in protecting the people who matter most.

Term life insurance is growing in popularity in Manitoba because of its straightforward coverage and affordable price point. We’ve taken the simplicity of this form of coverage further with our unique term life insurance plan. It is an easy solution to get behind and has an application process that is quick and uncomplicated.

What makes our term life insurance plan different:


With our plan, you choose the length of your protection, and you choose to renew it when it expires. We want to offer complete flexibility when it comes to your coverage, so you can have a plan that works exactly for your needs.


Our term life insurance provides your loved ones with a guaranteed tax-free death benefit that they can use in any way they wish. Your premiums are also guaranteed to never increase for the life of your selected term length.


Coverage amounts and term lengths are entirely up to you. We offer 10, 20, or 30-year term lengths and up to $1,000,000 in coverage amounts, so there is a combination for any financial need and budget.


Our application process is painless, with no medical exams ever required to be eligible and no face-to-face meetings with agents.


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We work across Manitoba and help Canadians find the best term life insurance plan for their needs and budget.

To receive a free quote for our term life insurance, please complete our short form. Once that is submitted, our friendly advisors will reach out to you and provide you with free quotes and recommended plans.

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