We understand that getting insured can be difficult for Canadians in Nova Scotia and across the country. Life insurance can have stricter requirements that can be some of the most significant barriers stopping people from finding the coverage they need for their loved ones. Term life insurance is an excellent alternative to traditional life insurance options, becoming one of the insurance market’s most affordable and accessible products.

Term life insurance is ideal for financially safeguarding many important milestones and responsibilities like:

How our term life insurance emphasizes simplicity

Our term life insurance plan is built around the idea that getting insured needs to be as simple as possible. So, when you decide to get insured with our plan, you get the coverage you need faster and with no hassles every step of the way.

Here’s what makes our plan unique:

There are zero medical exam requirements when you apply – meaning no invasive and lengthy tests just to see if you qualify for coverage.

There are no face-to-face meetings with agents needed to apply and purchase a plan. The entire process can be done from the comfort of your home, right over the phone.

You can choose up to $300,000 in tax-free coverage amounts, so there will always be a benefit amount that works for your needs.

We offer 10, 20, or 100-years term lengths.

If you want to renew your coverage, you can do so without undergoing medical exams.


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We work with Canadians across Nova Scotia and help them find their ideal term coverage.

Our unique and simple process allows us to provide more Canadians with access to affordable plans that work for any need and budget. Are you ready to discover your options? Get started now by completing our short free quote form. That will get you in touch with a local and licensed advisor who will provide you with a free no-obligation quote and more information.

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