Our term life insurance coverage is based on removing as many barriers as possible from the application process. Whether it is a long and tiresome application, medical exam requirements, or having to meet with agents to see if you are eligible for coverage, there are many reasons that Canadians across Quebec have struggled to get insured.

We’ve created a term life insurance plan that is accessible and affordable and helps to ensure the people who matter most are financially safeguarded. If you have children or are planning to have children, a mortgage, or a family business, you can benefit from having our term life insurance plan.

The simplicity of our term life insurance plan

Our plan simplifies term life insurance in three key areas: the application, choice of options, and accessibility.

The Application

Unlike other traditional term life insurance plans, our term coverage removes the need to schedule appointments for face-to-face meetings with agents. Our entire application process happens right over the phone at your pace and convenience.

Choice of Options

When choosing your term life insurance plan, you have the choice of a wide range of coverage amounts up to $300,000. You can also select the best term length that works for your needs, either 10, 20, or 100-years term lengths.


Canadians in Quebec and across the nation have struggled with the traditional requirement of undergoing a medical exam to qualify for coverage. Our plan removes this requirement, making it easier for more Canadians to access the term life insurance plan they need.


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Our team has worked with thousands of Canadians in Quebec and helped them find the term life insurance plan that best works for every unique situation.

If you are interested in learning more about our plan and getting a free no-obligation quote, please feel free to complete our short form here on our site now.

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