Wawanesa Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance offered by Wawanesa covers a variety of term lengths and customization options so you can have full control over your insurance. With all plans starting at $20,000 in coverage and premiums that are low and level, you can focus on getting your family guaranteed protection at an affordable price.

Wawanesa offers the following term life insurance products:

Term Length


Coverage Options

Other Details

Term 10

Ages 18 to 70

Starting at $20,000

Term 15

Ages 18 to 65

Starting at $20,000

Term 20

Ages 18 to 60

Starting at $20,000

Term 25

Ages 18 to 55

Starting at $20,000

Term 30

Ages 18 to 50

Starting at $20,000

Term to Age 80

Ages 18 to 60

Starting at $20,000

We work directly with Wawanesa and have access to their latest term life insurance products. To get a no obligation quote please complete our short form and will be happy to show your term life options.

Wawanesa insurance products are not available in the province of Quebec

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